Regardless whether you’re a student or grad in CFM, CS, finance/accounting, the road ahead of you is a bright one filled with opportunities. If you’re looking for some inspiration on where you can take your degree, or exploring whether IT and/or finance are for you, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is here to give you an idea of how finance and technology can impact the world. This blog is meant to be a bit unconventional: looking at IT and finance from different perspectives to expose you to new ways of thinking about your degree, making it a flexible and dynamic subject instead of one set in stone.

Here’a a roadmap for you if it’s your first time on your blog, or you haven’t visited for a while:

  • Unsure what topic(s) in CFM might be appealing to you? Start here.
  • Want a rough idea of some of the biggest topics in CFM? Check out these posts on fintech and banking customers.
  • Want to hear from an upper-year / grad student’s experiences? Check out CFM of the Month.
  • Looking for a fresh perspective on CFM? Expand your thinking here or check out how CFM relates to new technology.
  • Want a career filled with meaning, purpose and contribution to others? This section is for you.
  • Looking to find out more about any topic in CFM, or see a place where you could contribute? Writing blog posts is a great way to keep yourself accountable to reading and thinking about what you learn. Email me at if you are interested.

What’s going to be new on this blog this year? Up until now, I’ve been mostly writing posts with a “get ‘er done” attitude. I’m committed to stepping that up and writing with a sense of infectious enthusiasm, and giving you love, encouragement and support wherever you are in your studies or your career.

To all of you who have been struggling with your degree, don’t give up! Being a student is a huge undertaking, and you are a big person for committing to learning and growing.

To those of you who have accomplished something big or small this year, whether it was completing a difficult co-op/project/assignment, getting recognized in some way, learning something important from a major mistake, volunteering at a CFM event, or even just surviving the year, give yourself a pat on the back! You are amazing!!

We are so lucky to be students and grads, to have a chance to develop useful skills that other people are willing to pay for. It’s a great chance to expand our influence, our social circles, the places we go in the world; even if our degree isn’t what we will do for the rest of our lives.

It’s even great to be anxious, doubtful, or afraid of the future: it’s this fear, that’s going to eventually change us, shape us, and push us to do what we have been scared to do, pursue opportunities we would not have taken, get us to lay down plans for the future and keep adapting to change. Even if you’re one term into your degree, I bet that you are not the same person you started this term as.

It’s our ability to see the positives, and to push ourselves into action, that makes all the difference in our lives. Chasing after our learning and growth can turn into a wonderful, fulfilling experience when our hearts are open to it.

What will you do this year? What will the best version of yourself look like?